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LA Birth Cards/Certificates for Last 100 Years
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Birth Card: $14.00 (can only be purchased with long birth certificate)
Birth Certificate: $34.00
Death Certificate $26.00
Applicants born prior to 1983 can obtain a Birth Card immediately, or a full Birth Certificate after having it updated by Vital Records, which may take approximately 15 minutes.
Applicants born after 1983 can obtain a Birth Certificate and/or a Birth Card
Applicants applying for a birth card or certificate are required to provide identification in the form of one primary document or two secondary documents.

  Primary documents - One (1) document required:  

A state issued drivers license that includes a photograph
A state issued picture identification
A current U.S. Military identification card that includes a photograph

  Secondary Documents - Two (2) documents required:    

Student I.D. card from a Louisiana college or university attached to a paid receipt for the current semester
W-2 issued within the last 2 years PLUS a Social Security card. The Social Security numbers must coincide with the social security numbers on the W-2 forms and social security card
Original Adoption papers
An Original Louisiana High School or college diploma
Louisiana vehicle registration or certificate title
Insurance Policy
Pay roll stub
Military dependent I.D.

    Persons Authorized to Obtain Birth Certificates:  

Registrant/Person named in the certificate
Mother/Father of the person named in the certificate
Children of the person named in the certificate
Current legal spouse of the person named in the certificate
Brother/sister of the person named in the certificate
Grandparents/grandchildren of the person named in the certificate if the parents are listed on the birth certificate.
Legal guardian of the person named in the certificate. Legal guardian must have a judgment of custody. Custody by mandate or Provisional custody from a notary not accepted. Transfer of custody witnessed by a notary not accepted.


Must be representing the registrant at present or Attorney for an immediate or surviving family member of the person named in the certificate. Must have a letter of representation on original letterhead. Attorney Bar Number is needed on application. If attorney’s Paralegal/Court runner: Must have letter from attorney’s original letterhead stating the case docket number, attorney’s bar number, and the name of the person to whom the document is to be released.


Non relative with authorization from registrant: Must have a letter of authorization and a copy of applicant’s state identification card or driver’s license. Letter must state the registrant’s name, birthday and the name of the person authorized to pick up the birth certificate.


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